Dveri-Pax Club

"If you love quality wines, art and culture, then simply become part of our Dveri-Pax Club - and also enjoy the many advantages that the membership provides."


With the aim to pamper all wine connoisseurs in a special way, we founded Dveri-Pax Club. In addition to the love of quality wines, the Club members are also joined by the love for art and culture. We welcome you to the pleasant company of wine enthusiasts!

Dveri Pax

How to become a member of Dveri-Pax Club?

Dveri-Pax Club was created for lovers of premium wines who want to enrich their collection and spend some of their precious moments in the company of exciting people, uniting the culinary, the musical and the cultural. Minimum age of 18 needed.

Benefits of membership

Club members have the opportunity to purchase Dveri-Pax wines with 10% discount. They are regularly informed about new wines and vintages, events, tastings, prizes, new features and special offers from Dveri-Pax wine house.

Dveri Pax Weine